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Dion Yatras - Pistol Shooter

Dion is the President of the Zimbabwe Sports Shooting Federation. He has been shooting for 14 years and is now the top ranked pistol shooter in Zimbabwe. Since 2002 he has won an array of competitions, some of which are listed below, and in 2010 he was awarded Zimbabwe Colours.

January 2015 Newslatter

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We hope you had a lovely festive season and enjoyed some precious moments with friends and family :) Yes, it’s that time of year again when New Years resolutions are made and hopefully adhered to, but if you’re struggling to set a few fitness related ones, here are 5 simple steps for you to follow to help you kickstart 2015 the way you want to...


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Class Descriptions

Athletic Step Easy-to-learn stepping drills at any intensity you like for lower body and cardio fitness
Cardio KickBox Basics of boxing, mixed martial arts mixed in with a fighter's fitness workout!
Circuit Train Rotations between stations of exercises at a fixed time interval.
Core Train Posture, back protection and the "power house" muscles behind all movement.
FitBall Deep work from the core outwards using the Swiss Ball
FitPump Group resistance training - format the same for 3 months: music, moves and motivation!
FUNctional Fitness Using latest exercise ideas to train essential movement patterns / fitness for life and sport!
Fusion "Fusion" denotes two 30min classes back to back. Do one or both!
Interval Step Changing intervals using the step and instructor's choice of exercise in-between
Pilates An intense core workout working postural and stability muscles
Plates Slide your way to perfect fitness: a total body workout!
Sweat n' Stretch Perfect end of the week: intense body sculpting with 15min YogaFit / Stretch
Team Teach 3 or 4 instructors rotate groups through step, weights, ball, outdoors
Weighted Workout Simple, yet challenging resistance training using body weight and dumbbells
X-Train Instructor selects a combination of exercise methods for a well-rounded session
Yoga Stretch, balance, mobilise and strengthen whilst breathing deeply and moving in meditation
Zumba Move your body, let your hair down to latin, afro, club beats and have a party!
Bodystrong Challenge your abilities to push, pull, drive, rotate and stabilise using nothing but your own bodyweight. An equipment free session.

A Message From Debi...

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As we approach our third Christmas at INNOVATE HPC, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our members, as well as our team for the energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and training experiences we have shared in 2014.

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