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At the competitive level no athlete can achieve success alone. We offer the opportunity to develop yourself as an athlete or as a team through our Strength & Conditioning and Facility partnerships.     


A comprehensive battery of tests will identify strengths and deficiencies, and in doing so appropriate programming can be implemented to develop the strengths and improve on the weaknesses. A well rounded athlete that has the ability to move efficiently and injury free will be a productive athlete.

Tests Include:
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screens) – assessment of movement pattern disabilities.
  • Anthropometric Tests – Skinfolds (Body fat %), BMI.
  • Performance Testing – This is done based on the Needs Analysis of your sport (Strength, Flexibility, Power etc)


Avoid injuries as best as possible through an effective Prehabilitation Program. This becomes a part of nearly each and every session you spend in an out of the gym and assists in Injury Prevention.


Gaining knowledge through education and best practise is so important to developing and enhancing athletic performance. We will notify all Academy members of any course that we conduct. Current sports involved in Strength and Conditioning Programs and Academies at Innovate include Swimming (National and Development), Rugby (National), Golf (National and Development), Motorcross (National), Rowing (Olympic and National)

Contact Details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +263 773 287 519 for more information

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