Guess Who Trains At Innovate too...

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Micheen 'Mouse' Thornycroft

Claim To Fame:
Mouse is currently ranked No. 10 in the world and No. 1 in Africa as a heavyweight single scull rower. She represented team Zimbabwe at the 2012 London olympic games where she made it through to the B final. With Rio 2016 around the corner her new goal is to challenge the best in the world... and beat them!

What Advice Can You Give To Young Athletes?
"My parents always told me to set goals and do everything I could to achieve them, but to make sure I was always having fun; I think the 'FUN' part is the priority."

 Jacques Leitao

Claim To Fame:

Jacques is the current Zimbabwe National Rugby 7s team captain and has been since 2006. With 18IRB 7s world series tournaments behind him, including two 7s world cups, Jacques has played against the best the international 7s world has to offer.

What Inspires Jacques To Train?
"The motivation to becoming a better player, to becoming fitter, stronger and faster, and wanting zimbabwe to continuously achieve more and more on the rugby field. I want to leave behind a legacy for my family, friends and fellow players in Zimbabwe."

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