What is good posture and why is it so important?

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Posture refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity. Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles. Good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through our body so no one structure is over-stressed. Like a building with a poor foundation, a body with poor posture is less resistant to the stresses and strains we experience over the months, years and decades of life. 


  1. The Hunchback (Fig.a)

    Cause: being seated for long periods of time
    Pain referral: Neck, shoulders and upper back

  2. Sway Back (Fig.b)

    Cause: Knee hyperextension, weak core muscles    
    Pain referral: Lower back and hips

  3. Good Posture (Fig.c)

    Your head should be level, with your chin parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulders back and your chest high. Your weight should be evenly distributed through your joints. 

Having good posture is so important, because it helps to prevent injury and debilitating conditions. Furthermore, having good posture shows that you feel confident around others and this can have a positive impact on your life. For more information on postural correction speak to one of our Duty Fitness Instructors.

Article written by Calvin Scutt

Personal Trainer, Innovate HPC

0778 749 958



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