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Our classes are designed to help YOU get into the best shape of your life!






Athletic StepEasy-to-learn stepping drills at any intensity you like for lower body and cardio fitness
Cardio KickBoxBasics of boxing, mixed martial arts mixed in with a fighter's fitness workout!
Circuit TrainRotations between stations of exercises at a fixed time interval.
Core TrainPosture, back protection and the "power house" muscles behind all movement.
FitBallDeep work from the core outwards using the Swiss Ball
FitPumpGroup resistance training - format the same for 3 months: music, moves and motivation!
FUNctional FitnessUsing latest exercise ideas to train essential movement patterns / fitness for life and sport!
Fusion"Fusion" denotes two 30min classes back to back. Do one or both!
Interval StepChanging intervals using the step and instructor's choice of exercise in-between
PilatesAn intense core workout working postural and stability muscles
PlatesSlide your way to perfect fitness: a total body workout!
Sweat n' StretchPerfect end of the week: intense body sculpting with 15min YogaFit / Stretch
Team Teach3 or 4 instructors rotate groups through step, weights, ball, outdoors
Weighted WorkoutSimple, yet challenging resistance training using body weight and dumbbells
X-TrainInstructor selects a combination of exercise methods for a well-rounded session
YogaStretch, balance, mobilise and strengthen whilst breathing deeply and moving in meditation
ZumbaMove your body, let your hair down to latin, afro, club beats and have a party!
BodystrongChallenge your abilities to push, pull, drive, rotate and stabilise using nothing but your own bodyweight. An equipment free session.
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A Zimbabwean health and fitness centre that cares and ensures the high quality well-being of our clients.


Mutual Gardens, 100 The Chase (West) Emerald Hill,