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Ultimate $99 per month
Corporate Group (Min 3 people) $89 per person per month
Personal Group (2 people) $95 per person per month
Business Partner Groups $89 per month
Buddie Pass (2 people) $159 per month
Family Group (up to 4 people) $220 per month per group
Students $59 per month
Varsity Student Special $59 for 6 weeks
Casual Weekly (Adult) $39 per week
Casual Weekly (Student) $29 per week
Rolf Valley Members $35 per month
Casual Daily $10 per day
Book of 10 Casual Vouchers $90 per book
Access Card Replacement $10
Seasonal membership $50 per month (Outdoor facilities only)

Conditions of Membership:

If your account is inactive for more than a calendar month then a Reactivation Fee will apply.

Conditions for Corporate/Group/Family rates:

• Group rates apply to any number of 2 persons or more.
• Bulk payment for Group fees required monthly on the same day.
• Family rate applies to max 4 persons defined as parents and their dependents (extra
dependents added at 50% of contract rate). Dependents must be under the age of 25.
• Buddie Pass is for 2 people on one membership, who train together at the same time.
They will be issued one card to access the facility
• Innovate HPC Business Partner Groups are displayed at reception.
• Student is defined as being at school or university / college (a current student ID card may
be required).
• One month free is given on payment of 12 months upfront on the Ultimate Membership.

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